Monday, April 24, 2006

Humor and Marriage

Today, my husband Mike and I have been married 13 years. We've know each other a little over 14 years. Okay, 14 years, one month, and 3 days.

A couple months ago at a Bob Walkenhorst show, I laughed at something Bob said, and Bob said that he likes me because I laugh at his jokes, among other reasons. That night, my husband and I got home about the same time (ah, cell phones are nice), and my husband said something, I forget what, and I laughed. Nothing profound. Innane silly humor. And I thought about Bob's words, and my marriage, and I thought, that is something good in our marriage. Laughing at each others jokes.

I think it's a bit cyclical. Liking and loving my husband makes me more inclined to laugh at his jokes. And laughing at his jokes builds the like and love between us. And somehow, the same humor repeated, instead of getting old and stale, it somehow remains fresh. I think the love helps keep the humor fresh. But I also think the humor helps keep the love fresh.

I think shared humor, being able to laugh together is good for relationships. Not just marriage and other romantic/sexual relationships. Humor, laughter, is good for friendships. And marriage is, among other things, a friendship.

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