Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Airplane Travel and Customer Service

The new no liquids in carry-ons policy, frankly, makes for bad custumer service.

The no sharp objects thing was annoying enough. But one's not likely to need those sharp objects while in flight, so it's basically a matter of knowing the rules, and remembering one has those objects in one's purse, diaper bag, briefcase, etc., and thus taking them out before the flight and putting them in one's checked luggage. It's can be annoying, and one can lose valuable items, or ones that are simply useful and annoying to replace. Still, the stuff they've been saying one can't bring on isn't stuff one (most of us, anyway) was gonna use during flight.

But this no beverages thing is different. The other restricted liquids and gels, no problem. But not being able to bring one's own water is way not cool. Yes, one can ask for water from the stewards. And one presumes the stewards will be accommodating. But it's a whole lot easier just to bring one's own. To let people bring their own water so they can keep themselves hydrated is good customer service. I love being able to bring water to concerts. Airlines, however, are no longer allowed to provide the customer service of allowing customers to bring their own water. Which I think is a bad deal not just for the people flying, but for the airlines. Especially the stewards who I suspect are finding themselves doing notably more work since this rule change.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dark Chocolate M&M's

I like Dark Chocolate. I like M&M's. But there were no dark Chocolate M&M's. I recall wishing for such a product without dreaming that such a product might become reality.

Well, now it has.

Apparently, they first appeared last year (2005) as part of a Star Wars related promotion. This summer (2006) they have been introduced as a regular product.

I discovered them in Las Vegas while visiting M&M's World (as store with all sorts of M&M's related stuff for sale). And, of course, bought some.

While there I also bought a t-shirt that says "Completely Nuts". I thought it suited me. :)

Well, I'm glad I made that visite to M&M's World, because if I hadn't, it might have been quite a while before I discovered Dark Chocolate M&M's. Which are very good. :)