Sunday, April 16, 2006


Happy Easter everyone. :)

I sing in church choir. We sing 4 days in a row at Easter time, Thursday through Sunday. I do enjoy it, but by the end of mass today my voice was definitely feeling worn out.

This after noon, Easter dinner with my husband's family. That will be nice.

I feel like I should add a proper Easter wish. Something about the Risen Lord. But, I guess, for me, wishing blessings or such doesn't fit with Easter. And, plus, I think I spiritually connect more with Holy Thursday and Good Friday than Easter. And Christmas for me speaks more to my sense of God is here with us than Easter does. I guess I don't much buy into the sin and redemption thinking. For me it's more broken and healed. And I guess Easter doesn't much speak to that idea of being healed.

I'd to share a poem I wrote. I haven't really given it a title, but I think of it as my Holy Thursday poem. Written last year on Holy Thursday, it seems to me to fit the theme of the day, though I didn't have that in mind when I wrote it. Perhaps the poem also works for Easter too.

I love you.
I love all that you are.
My inner child loves you.

The broken places in me
when you share the brokenness in you.

And yet, I see, you are strong and beautiful.
As, I have come to realize, so am I.

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