Saturday, April 05, 2008

Feeling loved comes from the inside

Feeling loved comes from the inside? It seems a bit illogical, doesn't it? I feel loved because someone loves me, right? At least, that's the way we tend to think. Ah, but see, that misses a step. I feel loved because I see someone as loving me. My interpretation.

I had an experience that illustrated this. What happened was a shift in perspective. This person I know, I felt like he loved me. It was something new. And the thing is, this shift, it wasn't because he did anything different. In fact, he hadn't done anything new at all: I hadn't recently interacted with him. It was something else entirely, completely separate from him, that inspired my change in thinking. It was me that changed. I felt loved by him, where I hadn't before, because how I saw things changed.

So, yeah, feeling loved can't come from someone else. Other people can only do so much. They can be kind and caring. Or playful. Etc. But it's up to me to see that as loving. Until I can do that, I won't feel loved.

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