Monday, October 02, 2006

Reactions to music.

I've been busy lately, and I guess I haven't been motivated to make time to write in here. So, if anyone actually reads this, and if you've been wondering about the lack of posts, that's why.

Now, to the topic of the moment.

It's interesting the different ways people react to really good music. Someone on one music related forum I visit asked if anyone ever laughs because the music is so darn good.

Laughing as a response to music I don't do. I'll laugh at a performer's facial expression sometimes. And sometimes lyrics are worth a laugh. Or stories or jokes performers tell. But not just a "wow that's good" thing.

Sometimes I'll scream or yell after a song in appreciation. Or simply clap.

Othertimes, though, my reaction is quiet. Silent stillness. Which is I suppose a carryover from reacting that way during the song. Not breaking the quiet.

I hope performers understand that reaction. Particularly certain performers who know me. I'd like to think that when the see me quiet after a song, they know it's a positive response to the music.

Another during the song reaction is, sometimes, I just gotta get up and dance. Other songs inspire me to chair dance.

I'm sure my mood affects my reaction, but, also, I think the kind of music affects the kind of response I have.

And I don't think there's one right response to music, or to any given music.

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